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主 讲 人:Dr. Narakorn Srinil

地  点:机械楼 南201室

主 办 方:机械工程及自动化学院

开始时间:2019-04-27 09:00


Integrity, reliability and safety of offshore and subsea structural systems transporting multiphase flows are major concerns for global offshore oil and gas developments. External impacts of environmental flows on such systems are addressed at the design stage; however, fundamental problems of internal multiphase flow-induced vibration (MFIV) are not well understood or properly addressed. Fatigue failure due to the hidden and complicated phenomena caused by multiphase fluid-body interactions could be catastrophic and result in costly production downtime and underwater repair. As hydrocarbon production and transportation increasingly involve reservoirs in remote or deep-water locations which necessitate greater flow rates to maximise hydrocarbon recovery and greater flexibility of subsea pipes to accommodate the well fluids with time-varying pressure and temperature, MFIV is now recognised as one of the crucial factors to be considered during design, operation and maintenance. This talk will give an overview of challenges and recent progress in MFIV research together with an introduction to the speaker’s MUFFINS project aimed at overcoming some of those challenges and paving the ways for future research and collaboration.


Dr Narakorn Srinil is a Senior Lecturer in Subsea Engineering at Newcastle University, internationally recognized in vortex-induced vibration (VIV) research. Dr Srinil leads the Fluid-flexible structure iNterAction ReseArch [FlexNARA] team focusing on fundamental, interdisciplinary & applied research in modelling of flow-induced vibrations & fluid-structure interactions applicable to offshore, subsea & renewable energy engineering technologies. Presently, he is a PI & Consortium Lead of the EPSRC-funded 'MUltiphase Flow-induced Fluid-flexible structure InteractioN in Subsea applications [MUFFINS]’ project to develop the next generation of pioneering technologies and cost-efficient tools for the safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly designs of real-life subsea systems transporting multiphase flows and subject to complex flow-structure interactions. Recently, Dr Srinil has been awarded an International Exchange grant on the project 'High-Fidelity Modelling & Experiment of Combined Internal/External Flow-Induced Vibrations of Complex Structural Geometries' funded by The Royal Society and NSFC China, in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University”.




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