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主 讲 人:Yufei Huang教授

地  点:经管北楼206

主 办 方:经济与管理学院

开始时间:2019-05-30 09:00

结束时间:2019-05-30 10:30

      报告题目::Clearance Sales with Auctions: Combining Guaranteed and Spot Markets in Online Display Advertising

      Yufei Huang is an Associate Professor in Operations Management at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin. Yufei received PhD in Management from UCL School of Management in the UK, MS in Physics and BBA in Marketing from Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. His research focuses on new product development and launch, supply chain management and quantitative marketing. His work has appeared in top management journals, such as Production and Operations Management, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Industrial Marketing Management and International Journal of Production Research. He regularly serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for various academic journals and book publishers.


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